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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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One of the best things for us in this business is really helping wonderful people like Jodi Catt.

Jodi Catt Sold Her Home
Smiling Jodi

Jodi found herself in a tough situation, through no fault of her own, whereby she was unexpectedly laid off. For most people in this world that would have been no big deal. Especially for Jodi considering her chosen profession is to be a school teacher. However, Jodi is a very unique school teacher. You see, she has a heart of gold and teaches special needs kids. While teacher positions may be plentiful for most, a position teaching “her kids” is a little harder to find. Likewise, it took a little longer for her to find her next position which meant her monthly budget was stretched to the breaking point.

Pictures of Before on Bentpine

Wanting to avoid any more financial stress, she decided to sell her home. There was only one problem. . . .  or should we say four 🙂 ha! Jodi’s love for the kids also flowed over to her family which included her four pups that ranged from about 5 pounds to 55 pounds in size. They are a great group, but she knew selling the house and having people come by unexpectedly day and night for showings would really put a lot of stress on the family.

So instead of the normal route for selling a home, she decided to give us a call. Mark went out to inspect the house, answer her questions, and make her an offer. Little did he know, he would have four raving fans by the time he left the appointment. And Jodi was quiet happy as well.

After Photos of Bentpine

You see, a lot of investors only have one way to buy houses, and that’s at a steep discount.

Worry Free Home Buyers has many ways to buy houses and can craft a solution so everyone can win.

Jodi’s situation was one that needed a special solution. Had we only been able to offer her the one steep discount solution, Jodi would have not been able to make a dime on her property. Instead, she listened to all of her options and chose the best path for her family that allowed her to receive a big fat check at closing. Needless to say, that’s why she’s grinning so much in the picture and why she was so eager to tell others about her experience with Worry Free Home Buyers.

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Jodi was really glad she asked Worry Free Home Buyers to buy her home
Jodi Is So Happy
Jodi was so glad she chose Worry Free Home Buyers
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Jodi Catt loves Worry Free Home Buyers
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Worry Free Home Buyers

Nancy and her sister Kathy not only inherited great genetics from their parents, but they also inherited an incredible house that their father built with his own two hands. It provided many great years of service to their family, but as with all things, times has a way of wearing down even the best of things. Such was the case with their parents home. It had great bones but needed some help to be brought into the visions and dreams of today’s buyers after watching HGTV. They both were so gracious to give us a great testimonial video together, however, due to technical difficulties the audio did not work.We bought this house from Nancy & Kathy

Unfortunately for us, Kathy lives a good distance away from their parents house and had no plans to return in the near future. However, Nancy, bless her heart, lives a couple of streets over from their parents house and was willing to redo the testimonial video. Thanks again Nancy for being so willing to help us get the word out to other sellers who want to sell their house to a reputable company.

Worry Free Home Buyers

I needed to get rid of the house I was trying to flip. . . .We bought James Howell's house on Colonial Cove in Hope Mills
within 5 days from when we agreed on a price, I was
paid for the house. . . . It worked out amazing. It
helped me move into the house I ended up buying.

Worry Free Home Buyers

David & Angie Ward sold us their house in DurhamWe were on our way to our new home in another state when we got in touch with Mark. He answered all of our questions as we were driving down the road and agreed to go see our rental house later that day.

Even though it was a very nice house, we were having a hard time selling this house. We had been trying to sell it off and on for a few years, in between tenants, but to no success. Something was keeping people from making an offer, that is until Mark went to see it.

Once he viewed the house later that afternoon, he made us a fair offer. However, between the time that I first called him, and when he viewed it, our real estate agent had scheduled our 100th showing.Sell us your house in Durham NC Yes, 100 showings and no offers.

When I talked to Mark, I mentioned that while his offer was acceptable, we really wanted to wait until the agent showed the house again to this couple. Mark agreed to give us some additional time to see how this showing would turn out. But here again, this couple did not make an offer either.

Luckily for us, Mark was good for his word and did not try to re-negotiate the price once he knew how many showings we had without any offers. Instead we closed a week later just as he said we would. You can definitely trust him and Worry Free Home Buyers to buy your house.

Worry Free Home Buyers

Yeah, honestly, I kept thinking through the process, is Sell us your home in Clayton NC
this bad that it’s almost too easy?
there are so many people out there kind of
looking to try and get one over on you. .

I would recommend you guys and trust
you guys
moving forward.


Worry Free Home Buyers

If you’re trying to get someone to work with, thatSell your home fast in Raleigh NC
understands your problems,and will be there for
, this is the company you need to talk to.
can trust them!
And trust goes a long way!