Did You Know There Is A Simple and Stress-Free Way to Sell Your Jacksonville House?

Don’t believe us? Then you haven’t considered ALL of the benefits of a direct sale. No commission costs, no waiting, no repairs, no cleaning… the list goes on and on. Learn More About How We Can Save You Time & Money! 

Better Business BureauWe have helped hundreds of happy home sellers across North Carolina, and we would like to help you too. If you are ready to sell your Jacksonville house for an excellent cash price, give us a call now! 919-355-9070 

By selling your house quickly, you can end the hassle, stress, and costs that come from being stuck with a house you no longer wish to own. What is your reason for wanting to sell your Jacksonville house?

  • Do you need to downsize a house you have lived in for years?
  • Or maybe you need to upgrade because of an expanding family?
  • Going through a divorce? A direct sale is easier on everyone.
  • Did a new job come up in another city?
  • Is the property vacant? Stop paying taxes on a property you aren’t using.
  • Or sadly, maybe you fell behind on payments and need a way out before the bank takes the house. We can help you stop foreclosure.

We will ALWAYS work on your terms. The day we close is completely up to you. If you are ready to close in 7 days, we will be too. If you need more time to find a new home and move, we understand. We want to work together to make this a smooth a convenient transaction for you. 

We Do Not Want To Sell Your Home, We Want To Buy It Directly!

We aren’t selling on your behalf, we want to buy the property from you directly. This means no commissions, agent fees, marketing costs, repair expenses or even cleaning. We buy as is, so you can focus on other things.  We will be ready to close in 7 days if you need longer… no worries! 

Sell us Your Damaged House in Fayetteville NC
We Buy Houses Even If They Are Boarded Up And Nothing But A Shell Like This One In Fayetteville NC

Listing your Jacksonville house the traditional way has many factors you should be aware of.  You will, in essence, be gambling with one of the largest transactions of your life. You will have no guaranteed sale date or sale price. It could be days, it could be weeks and it could be months. You might have to lower your price. You might have to make additional repairs that came up in the inspection. And after all your headaches, hassles and expenses seem over… the sale could fall through.

With a direct sale to Worry Free Home Buyers, you will know right away how much you will be getting (down to the penny) and on what day we will close. The sale will not fall through because we have the cash in hand right now. We aren’t borrowing from a bank who could easily deny a loan at the last possible minute. 

If an agent successfully sells your house, you will then need to pay them 6% of the sale price. You can also expect another 2% or so in closing costs. Factor in utility bills, homeowners insurance, property taxes and the mortgage payment while you were waiting for the home to sell and you could be looking at a small fortune.

We will never charge you a dime. What we offer you is what you get. Learn more about our process here →

We want to help you if you have decided to sell your Jacksonville house. Our offers will always be honest and fair.

We Buy Homes
No Games, No Gimmicks!

Avoid the Stress of Realtors, Repairs, and Ridiculous Amounts of Uncertainty!

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