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Worry Free Home Buyers is buying properties in North Carolina, with a focus on Chapel Hill! We don’t care about the price, size or condition.

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We can help you sell your unwanted house fast. We are DIRECT buyers. We want to pay you directly, saving you time, hassle and commission costs.

Listing is not the only way to sell. Enjoy the numerous benefits of a direct sale when you choose to work with Worry Free Home Buyers. Every situation is different, and that is why every offer we make is different. We will consider what other homes in the area are selling for and we will create an offer just for you. Whatever you decide to do, we support you 100%. We will help you make a smart, well-informed decision when it comes to selling your home. 

We want to work with you on your timeframe and help you to do what is best for you! Life tends to put us all in crazy situations at one point or another. We have all been there. Divorce, foreclosure, costly repairs… we want to help local homeowners who feel stuck. We will make you a fair and honest offer. The choice is yours alone, with zero obligation or hassle.

Don’t Spend Time and Money Listing Your Chapel Hill House. Get a Great Cash Offer Today, and Put Cash in Your Pocket FAST!

Sell us Your Damaged House in Fayetteville NC
We Buy Houses Even If They Are Boarded Up And Nothing But A Shell Like This One In Fayetteville NC

You don’t have to list your house to get a great price for it. When you list with an agent, you have to consider the fees, commissions, cleaning costs, repairs, upgrades to stay competitive and staging costs. Also, if your home is on the market for a few months, you could end up paying thousands in utility bills, insurance costs, and taxes. Not to mention, you might have a mortgage on the property! We can help you end the bills now!

There are no guarantees on if, or when, your house will sell. There is no guarantee you will get your asking price. Remember, an agent can list your house for any price you want. It doesn’t mean you will get it. If you list, you have to be ok with making your family wait in limbo while you find a buyer. You will have to be prepared to pay numerous costs and fees upfront. You will have to keep the house clean at all times for showings. It can be a lot of work, with no guarantee at the end. It’s a gamble, and certainly not right for every house. When you sell directly to Worry Free Home Buyers, from Day 1, you will know exactly how much you will be receiving and on what day. (The closing date is up to you!) 

You will not have to wait while we get financing, we have funds available immediately! 

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Better Business BureauWe have worked with hundreds of happy homeowners throughout North Carolina. We have helped people in all sorts of situations, and we are ready to help you too!

  • Are you facing foreclosure? We can help stop the bank!
  • Are you getting a divorce? We can help with a fast and fair sale.
  • Do you need to move for work? A fast sale, a great price, and zero work might be exactly what you need.
  • Do you own a house in need of more repairs than you can afford to make? Why not get cash instead and start somewhere new?

Whatever your reason is for wanting to sell, we can help! We’ve seen it all and will help you find a solution you will love! 

Right now, Worry Free Home Buyers is buying properties in North Carolina with an emphasis on the Chapel Hill area! Call now to get a zero obligation offer on your Chapel Hill house! 919-355-9070