My granddaddy used to have a saying . . . “If you do Mark Bynum Circlethe right things in life, you won’t have to worry.” Not surprising coming from a well respected NC Highway Patrolman.

It’s with this philosophy in mind that we run our company, Worry Free Home Buyers, LLC.

Creating  win-win solutions is not just a generic tag line espoused in the latest – greatest business book to us. It’s what we believe deep in our core. For you see, members of our team have walked a mile in the shoes of a number of our sellers. We’ve had team members who’ve gone through divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, job loss, etc.

Let’s face it. Life happens to all of us. But the one fine thread that runs through all our different  experiences, without a doubt, is how we all wished we had someone who could have been there in our time of need and offered us options for a better way.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re a company, and as such, we are in business to make a profit. If we don’t make a profit, we can not provide for our families and the families of our contractors, suppliers, lenders, sellers, buyers, etc. Surely you understand that. But at the same time, we are determined to add humanity to our way of doing “business.” Likewise we strive to run our business by the following:


  • Live With Integrity – ALWAYS Do The Right Thing

  • Be Good For Your Word

  • Be Positive – Keep A Can-Do Attitude

  • Strive To Exceed Expectations

  • Be A Team Player

  • Be Accountable – No Excuses


mark-bynumMark Bynum
Managing Member

Mark has been involved in the real estate industry for over 34 years and is proud to serve Eastern North Carolina as the Managing Member of Worry Free Home Buyers, LLC. He has been happily married to his beautiful bride, Crystal, for over 17 years. They have four great kids; Kyle, Taylor, Kristina, and Brandon. Needless to say, life is never boring with this group.

Mark & Crystal Bynum

Why should you trust Mark?Kyle Taylor Kristina Brandon

First, because he’s competent. He is highly qualified to know what to do as evidenced by the many successful businesses he’s run over the years. He has developed a wealth of experience through Allison Irrigation (Landscaping and Irrigation Company), At Your Service (Home Improvements Company), and The North Carolina Appraisal Group (Real Estate Appraisals). He has also held a Residential Home Builder’s License in South Carolina, and he and his family have been investing in real estate for over 27 years.

Secondly, he knows how important it is to follow through. While buying another house won’t make or break our company, it sure will make a difference to the family who needs to get out from under the pressure of an unwanted house. Likewise being good for your word is essential.

But the real reason why people trust Mark is because of his attitude. You see, it’s not about how many houses they buy, but it’s about how many families they have been able to help. 

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