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Jodi Catt Sold Her Home
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Jodi found herself in a tough situation, through no fault of her own, whereby she was unexpectedly laid off. For most people in this world that would have been no big deal. Especially for Jodi considering her chosen profession is to be a school teacher. However, Jodi is a very unique school teacher. You see, she has a heart of gold and teaches special needs kids. While teacher positions may be plentiful for most, a position teaching “her kids” is a little harder to find. Likewise, it took a little longer for her to find her next position which meant her monthly budget was stretched to the breaking point.

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Wanting to avoid any more financial stress, she decided to sell her home and was  curious when she saw we were buying homes in Raleigh, NC. There was only one problem. . . .  or should we say four 🙂 ha! Jodi’s love for the kids also flowed over to her family which included her four pups that ranged from about 5 pounds to 55 pounds in size. They are a great group, but she knew selling her house the traditional way meant having people come by unexpectedly day and night for showings, lots of haggling and negotiating, and it would really put a lot of stress and strain on the family.

So instead of the normal route for selling a home, she decided to give us a call. Mark went out to inspect the house, answer her questions, and make her an offer. Little did he know, he would have four raving fans by the time he left the appointment. And Jodi was quiet happy as well.

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You see, a lot of investors only have one way to buying homes in Raleigh, NC. It’s at a steep discount, period!

Worry Free Home Buyers has many ways to buy houses and can craft a solution so everyone can win.

Jodi’s situation was one that needed a special solution. Had we only been able to offer her the one steep discount solution, Jodi would have not been able to make a dime on her property. Instead, she listened to all of her options and chose the best path for her family that allowed her to receive a big fat check at closing. Needless to say, that’s why she’s grinning so much in the picture and why she was so eager to tell others about her experience with Worry Free Home Buyers.

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Jodi was really glad she asked Worry Free Home Buyers to buy her home
Jodi Is So Happy
Jodi was so glad she chose Worry Free Home Buyers
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