Okay SERIOUSLY! How can anybody say they can buy a house with cash and the process be quick and easy?


We understand your concerns. We’ve heard this question from lots of home sellers over the years. And we too remember the daunting task of buying our first homes. Home inspections, termite inspections, well inspections, septic inspections etc. . . . and all the paperwork. Loan applications, additional required documents to gather, appraisals, more request for additional documents, and then there is the actual closing (if your lucky) which seemed to go on and on and on until you had writers cramp. What a pain!

It’s from this vantage point that most sellers say, “yeah right. . . . you can pay cash and make the process simple and easy. What do you take me for . . . a fool?”

No. Just the opposite. We know you’re an intelligent individual, and we know this because you’re seeking out more knowledge in an area where you most likely haven’t had as much experience as we have. We’ve gone through this process hundreds of times which means we know exactly what to look for with regards to needed repairs and how to determine the real value of a property through comparable sales. With that information in hand, we simply discuss the property amongst ourselves in the office and in short order determine how much we can pay. And here is where the real magic happens, instead of going to a bank and jumping through countless time wasting and expensive hoops, we use our retirement accounts to pay for the purchase of the house. It is truly amazing how easy and quick the process can be when the banks are removed.

So Here Is How The Process Works

Call UsStep 1 –

To sell your house fast – tell us some basic information about your property by either filling out the short online form, or calling us now at 844-6-BUYERS – It’s quick, it’s easy, there is no obligation, and we absolutely will not share your information with anyone else!

Fill out the formStep 2 –

After we answer any questions you may have over the phone, we will set up an appointment to meet you at your property. There, we will confirm the condition of the property, go over the recent sales of comparable houses in your neighborhood, and show you step by step how we arrived at our Fair All Cash Offer. No games, no gimmicks, and no false promises to buy your house.

We are real, local, end buyers who rehab and flip properties. We are NOT realtors looking to list your house and hope that it sells. Or worse yet, one of the latest “would-be” investors. You know, the ones who just spent their last dime to sit through a seminar and learn how “You too can buy properties with No Money Down and become a Ga-Zillionaire.” Unfortunately, most of these folks either stepped out of the seminar room at the wrong time or simply forgot how to do the math real investors do so they can make proper purchasing decisions.

That’s why it is very common for these “would-be” investors to promise, good people who need to sell their house fast, way more money for their house than the house is actually worth. Sadly, they will then have to come back later, to these same good people who think they’ve sold their house, and tell them they can’t make the deal work at those numbers. Likewise, they will need to drop the price.  And what are these good people to do, who are now even more desperate to sell their house, but fall victim to these “would-be ” investors and go through another round of price drops a month or two later.

Complete the dealStep 3 –

Our Fair All Cash Offer will be a real written offer you won’t have to break out the magnifying glass to read, or the law dictionary to understand. It’s very simple and easy comprehend. At that point, it will be completely up to you. Both of us will agree that it’s a win-win agreement for both you and our company, or we’ll shake hands and part as friends. There is absolutely no-obligation!

Money in HandStep 4 –

Next, you’ll pick a date that works for you to close with a reputable local attorney. Then you can rest easy knowing that we are going to buy your house. Well. . . rest might not be the right word, because you’ll want to start packing the items you want to take with you on closing day. Feel free to leave the rest for us to clean up. We’ll be happy to donate any items of value to a charity of your choice and discard the rest. On closing day you’ll sign a couple of documents to legally sell the house and leave with a certified funds in your hand, or you can have the attorney wire the funds directly into your bank account. And to think, all this can happen for you in as little as 7 days!

So if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, click here and tell us some basic information about your property.